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We proudly offer very competitive wholesale pricing on our custom bottled water. Our pricing is determined based on the volume ordered, and we are happy to provide bulk pricing upon request. We deliver our custom water bottles nationwide. Once we know your location, we can determine the delivery cost and provide that information to you. After you submit the request below, a member of our team will get back to you with a customized quote and information on how to proceed with an order.


Montana Private Reserve offers the most popular water bottle sizes ranging from 10 oz. to 1 liter.  The standard-size water bottle can vary based on user needs and application. However, our most popular size is the 16.9 oz. bottle.  We use a firm and sturdy bottle that is BPA Free, similar to what you would find at the supermarket.

Buying personalized water bottles in bulk saves money and gives you a unique gift or souvenir to brand your business or event. Use custom bottled water to add value and enhance your guest’s experience.  Custom water bottles are a refreshingly simple way to help your brand, logo, or corporate message resonate with your customers.

All customers receive wholesale pricing on our custom bottled water.  Our pricing is full service, which means we take care of everything from start to finish, including the design of your custom label. Stay hydrated with personalized water bottles for your next corporate event, trade show, or wedding.  Customized water bottles are especially popular amongst hotels, banks, law firms, bars, and casinos, as well as fundraisers, birthdays, graduations, and reunions.


We offer two types of label materials – solid and clear*.  Our solid label is the most popular because it allows you to print a full range of colors, making it the most cost-effective and impactful option available.

*Clear labels require a minimum order of 1,728 bottles.

At Montana Private Reserve, we dream of a world with less waste. That’s why we use 100% recyclable water bottles.  Our bottles are BPA-FREE which means they break down quicker than a standard bottle and help reduce our impact on the planet.  We take pride in providing the best water in a bottle that is good for the environment so we can do our part to secure a better future.


At Montana Private Reserve we use 28mm flat caps with tamper resistant break away seals for your protection. There is no cost variation for the color of cap selected. We offer two options for you to select which best aligns with your label design. Color options are: Black, and Translucent.