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We proudly offer very competitive wholesale pricing on our custom bottled water. Our pricing is determined based on the volume ordered, and we are happy to provide bulk pricing upon request. We deliver our custom water bottles nationwide. Once we know your location, we can determine the delivery cost and provide that information to you. After you submit the request below, a member of our team will get back to you with a customized quote and information on how to proceed with an order.


Montana Private Reserve is a family-owned business with deep roots in the Northwest: Montana, Washington, Wyoming, and North Dakota. We strive to revolutionize the way consumers order custom bottled-water products. We do so in a way that respects our beautiful waters and diverse landscape. When you order custom bottled water from us, we want you to envision the pristine lakes and clear blue streams. That give us our drive to create sustainable, healthy water-bottling choices.

Headquarters for the Montana Private Reserve are in Missoula, a city known for its rivers and for its history at the bottom of what was once Glacial Lake Missoula. Water has profoundly shaped Montana’s past and will play a vital role in its future. It is arguably the single most-valuable natural resource in our state and just so happens to be our passion. At Montana Private Reserve we strive to take this passion for fresh, clean water and deliver it to your doorstep. All with a custom label that allows you to brand the bottle exclusive to you.


Providing crisp, refreshing, great tasting water is a complex process. Our premium drinking water starts in a deep, protected well. The water is forced through water softening, carbon filtration, ultra violet, and reverse osmosis. A process that leaves the water 99.034% pure. We add back select amounts of calcium, magnesium and potassium to give our water a refreshing taste and a neutral pH of 7.2. Finally, to ensure freshness, ozone is used as a natural disinfectant.

Federal, state and industry bottled-water quality standards establish limits for microbiological, physical, chemical and radiological substances for both source-water and bottled-water products. Federal testing frequencies for these parameters are included in the Food and Drug Administration Good Manufacturing Practices for bottled water. MPR adheres to state, federal and industry bottled-water quality standards to ensure that every bottle is safe to drink and has a consistently great taste.

In addition to existing stringent regulatory standards, the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) maintains a strict Bottled Water Code of Practice for its members. MPR is a member of IBWA and meets and exceeds the quality requirements of the IBWA Model Code of Practice. Additionally, we take pride in the fact that our bottled-water production plant is annually inspected by independent third-party organizations. These annual plant inspections, coupled with annual product testing, ensure that MPR complies with federal and state bottled water regulations and the IBWA Code of Practice. For more information about IBWA and the IBWA Code of Practice, please visit the IBWA website or call IBWA at 1-800-WATER-11.