Sustainability – Single Serve doesn’t have to be single use!

Our bottles are reusable & recyclable.

Bottled water has the smallest water and energy footprint of any packaged beverage. In the bottled water industry, sustainability considerations must take place across the supply chain from how water is sourced, to the material used in each bottle, through to how packaging is collected & recycled.

100% Recyclable, even the caps!

Plastics are extremely resource efficient. The bottled water industry manages resources responsibly by investing in technology and practices that improve water quality and conservation.

In examining global warming potential, sticking with plastics over alternative packaging saves 75.8 million metric tons of CO2. This is equivalent to the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions saved by taking almost 16 Million passenger vehicles off the road for a year.

People who make the switch from sugar-laden packaged beverages to bottled water are helping the environment. Bottled water containers are 100% recyclable and use much less plastic than soda & other packaged beverages. Bottled water containers, on average, use 59% less PET plastic compared to other packaged beverages (9.89 grams vs. 23.9 grams for 16.9-ounce containers). Soft drinks and other sugary beverages need thicker plastic containers due to their carbonation and/or bottling processes.

Bottled water is strictly regulated by the FDA. One of the simplest healthy lifestyle changes you can make is to drink water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages.

The phase of oxidation reduces the molecular weight and introduces oxygen into the structure. This process transforms the polymer from long strands to much smaller lengths. By reducing the chain length of the polymer, the material loses its physical strength and elongation properties, making it brittle and non ‘plastic’. The biodegradability aspect refers to the conversion of these lower molecular weight species by bacteria into biomass, CO2 and H2O in an aerobic environment, or in the case of an anaerobic environment, CH4.

Reverte Plastic™

Reverte Plastic™ is introduced to a plastic article, such as a check out bag, at the manufacturing stage. The complex formulation is dosed in at a very low level, and then carefully developed complex additive package within Reverte Plastic™ is now within the plastic at a predetermined amount.

*California does not recognize any plastic product as biodegradable