Eco-friendly Plastic Bottles

In an effort to help reduce the tons of discarded plastic bottles accumulating in our world’s landfills and to decrease waste, we are proud to offer BPA FREE & OXO-Biodegradable* bottles that degrade quicker than a standard bottle. Additionally, our bottles are firm and sturdy, unlike those found in the supermarket. When you put your brand on our bottles, feel confident that you are providing clients, friends and family members with an eco-friendly product that is responsibly produced.

OXO-Biodegradable brings biodegradable technology to the plastic packaging industry, and Reverte Plastic™ is dedicated to providing packaging solutions to customers seeking a biodegradable packaging alternative. The term ‘OXO-biodegradability’ is a hybridization of two words, oxidation and biodegradability. It defines a two-step process initiated by the Reverte PlasticTM additive that degrades (or breaks up) the polymer chain and makes it available for biodegradability within the environment when a treated item has finished its useful life.

The phase of oxidation reduces the molecular weight and introduces oxygen into the structure. This process transforms the polymer from long strands to much smaller lengths. By reducing the chain length of the polymer, the material loses its physical strength and elongation properties, making it brittle and non ‘plastic’. The biodegradability aspect refers to the conversion of these lower molecular weight species by bacteria into biomass, CO2 and H2O in an aerobic environment, or in the case of an anaerobic environment, CH4.

Reverte Plastic™

Reverte Plastic™ is introduced to a plastic article, such as a check out bag, at the manufacturing stage. The complex formulation is dosed in at a very low level, and then carefully developed complex additive package within Reverte Plastic™ is now within the plastic at a predetermined amount.

*California does not recognize any plastic product as biodegradable